Baby Loans And Debt Brakes Together

As part of the Family Action Plan, when the Baby Waiting Loan begins July 1, the tightening of the debt brake rules will come into effect. The new credit facility introduced in July as part of the “family protection action plan” coincides with the entry into force of the tightening of debt-bridging rules. However, in addition to the changes coming into effect, banks may impose additional restrictions on the loans they provide.

60% of young married couples


Experts conducted a survey of 18- to 40-year-old mothers and found that about 60% of young married couples wishing to apply for a loan would meet legal requirements and banks’ credit assessment and risk management requirements. Those who have already taken out a loan or have less certified income can expect less credit, although the Baby Waiting Support can be used to redeem a loan.

Under the debt brake regulations, banks calculate an income-proportionate repayment detail (GFI.

GFI = Monthly Debt Service / Certified Monthly Net Income

Pay off the installments

Pay off the installments

The GFI’s amended prescriptions also ensure that households have adequate income reserves in the event of unfavorable interest rate changes to pay off the installments of the Baby Waiting Support they have entered.

This change also means that those who have previously taken out a loan (personal loan, home loan) or have low verifiable income may be eligible for a smaller loan amount than the $ 10 million allowed by the government decree if they do not want to redeem their previous loan.

It is estimated that a couple with an average income is expected to be worth between $ 6-7 million.


If you are interested in the terms and conditions on which you can use the Baby Waiting Loan, what are the possibilities for each credit institution, please fill out our form our credit broker will be looking for! We are willing to help you.

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