Advantages of Speed Loan

Speed Loans between family members are relatively fast, since only one call is required to request them. Of course, this will always depend on the availability of cash that the other person has. fleshes this out

Do not have to fill out forms


Simplicity Unlike loans requested by the bank or a financial institution, they do not require any special paperwork or documentation. When a family member lends you, you do not have to fill out forms or collect papers for your application.

No bureau It doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit bureau rating or just don’t have a credit history, family loans usually overlook this.

There is no guarantee or guarantee In the same way, the lack of guarantee or guarantees is not usually an impediment to obtaining a loan through a relative. This type of financial operations is based on the borrower’s single word, so the lender does not generally ask for guarantees for your loan.



Dependence on someone else When you usually resort to this type of financing, you develop an economic dependence on someone else. This means that if the other person cannot or does not want to lend you, you will be in trouble.

Relationship problems It may seem comfortable, but a loan between family members can bring big problems. The most common is that these operations are done informally, so the terms and conditions are not defined. This can cause differences about deadlines, interests, among other things, and damage the relationship.

Positive rating in the credit bureau


Without credit history It may also be the case that you are an excellent borrower and always pay all your loans on time. You may have been following this behavior for years, but this will not be reflected in a positive rating in the credit bureau because transactions between individuals do not enter your record.

Family instability When a loan of this nature is not paid on time, this impacts the whole family, not just the lender and the borrower. The disorganization of a person can cause the instability of an entire family.

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